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Iwona Duniec - Professional Artist & Interior Designer, Chicago

"Art is the music of the soul, journey to the wonderland 

where limit does not exist"

                                                                  ~ Iwona Duniec



         For me art means energy, a journey to the “wonderland” where limits do not exist. It’s a dialouge between color, light and canvas where I can store the vibration and share with the audience. It is a never-ending search for the meaning of something, that is beyond the limits of our capacity to fully describe with language. 

        I recognize that there is a depth dimension to the world beyond surface appearance, a supreme being, the divine, which connects all living beings. I’m fascinated by the presence and beauty of the universe which is very visible in my work. Nature, the internet, recalls from a dream or a vision from meditation are other visual stimuli for my creativity. 

      My artwork is characterized by richly  textured surfaces, which evoke the dynamic of unfettered motion, color sensations, and light. I synthesize a wide range of mixed media: oil, acrylic, molding paste, etc., which connect into a harmonic composition to create artwork that elicits emotion in the recipient.

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